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Apps & Games Available on App Store & Google Play

Softsid is an independant software company developing apps (mainly games) for iOS and Android.

It is a small company - very small - in fact just me and 2 cats (both deceased). 

SoftSid games for fun, action packed apps.


Unit conversion calculator app

Convert is designed as a conversion calculator but will also be useful as an ordinary calculator.
Convert can convert combined units such as:
3 pounds AND 5 ounces --> kilograms
6 metres --> feet AND inches
0.73hours --> minutes AND seconds
16.2 litres --> gallons AND pints ...
App available on Google Play


Police the galaxy - space game

SpaceGuard is a galactic security and police force organised by a confederation of several planets spread through the galaxy.
A constant struggle against enemy planets involves ship to ship dogfights, defence of space stations, freighter escort, seek and destroy missions into enemy space ...
App available on App Store & Google Play

Muddy Mud

1 - 2 player game

Join the Mud fight.
Will your Mud dominate the world - fight other  players muds in a battle to the death.
Practice against an artificially intelligent Mud or battle a live online enemy ...
App available on Google Play
(App Store soon)

Apps & Games Available on App Store (iOS) & Google Play (Android)