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Quick Start
MuddyMud Advice

Select your Mud name

You will be given a random Mud name.
Use as is, edit it or create a new Mud.
Press Start to fight an artificially intelligent Mud
(or Select live enemy).

Mullets allows you to purchase mud-seeking bulldozer mullets.
For explanation of mullets see here.
For explanation of ratings see here.

Round 1 of 3

The randomly selected 'glass fronted 'tank' for Round 1 will load.
There are 3 rounds, each of 3 minutes max.
On the left are the scores for each Round.

Press Resign to give up and return to home screen.
Press Click when Ready to release the Muds.
(If playing live then you may have to wait for the enemy).
First tip your Mud out of its launch tube.

Learn to Steer

Steer your Mud by tilting your phone/tablet so your Mud falls under gravity.
You will often need to tilt your phone/tablet completely upside down in all directions.

Your Mud is brown with a green centre.
The enemy Mud is grey with a red centre.

Alpha dollops

Your Mud will start as 1 large dollop of about 30 mudlets stuck together, but may split into smaller dollops if it hits objects too hard.

The picture shows your Mud with 8 mudlets split off (current score -8).  If the enemy catches you, you will loose the round by 8 points!

Only your alpha dollop (the one containing your green coloured alpha mudlet) is important. 

Attack or Run

So if your alpha dollop has more mudlets than the enemy then you may attack and knock-out the enemy – splat!
If your alpha dollop has less mudlets then you must run and hide.
(The relative size will be shown by a score at top right)

So in the picture you should attack (4 ahead, so score 4 for the round if you catch the enemy).

Loose dollops bumped into will make your alpha dollop larger.
Loose enemy dollops may be destroyed by your alpha dollop. 


A round finishes if your main dollop (alpha dollop) knocks out the enemy alpha dollop (or vice versa).

The round winner, who scores points for that round, is the biggest dollop (it’s always good to be a big dollop).

The picture shows the enemy about to knock-out your Mud and score 2 points for the round.

The round is a draw (no points) if there is no knock-out after 3 minutes. 

Flush more Mudlets

Flush levers may be pushed over by your mudlets to flush out a few more mudlets from the launch tubes.

These you may bump to add to your alpha dollop (remember - it’s always good to be a big dollop).  

Beware Fans

Be very afraid of your Mud hitting fans which destroy mudlets very quickly.
You can be sneeky and try to lure the enemy into fans!

The picture shows the loss of 7 mudlets instantly.
Mud hitting a fan can be devastating.


Purchase highly trained mud-seeking ‘bulldozer’ Mullets to launch against the enemy.
Mullets are bred from clown fish and ordinary mullets and trained at a top secret facility.
Mullets can seek out, destroy and bulldoze enemy mudlets.

You will have 3 every game.

Launch a Mullet by tapping on your green launch lever.
The picture shows your Mullet lever with green and black stripes on the right, your mullet just exploding into the enemy, and an enemy mullet about to attack.