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Facts & Stats

Docks, Space Stations, Havens

SpaceGuard Dock (Mk2a)

There are currently 3 of these docks at Earth, Arkaan and Landaran which are the 3 main SpaceGuard allies. Extremely well shielded – you can consider yourself safe once inside the shield. No defence system but none needed since each has a fleet of SpaceGuard ships.

Space Station (typical)

Similar models used commonly throughout the galaxy, though enemy planets (Dendax.  Ventrogh and Krokalia) use the larger design by Krokalia (see below).
Again extremely well shielded but no defence systems.

Krokalian Control Station or
Krokalian Battle Station

Designed and built by Krokalia but used by Dendax and Ventrogh as well. Used commonly to control enemy fleet activity.
Generally deployed in low orbit to avoid SpaceGuard ships.  This means they can only be attacked by shuttles and since they are defended by a Wasp missile system, this is extremely dangerous.  Lately SpaceGuard have developed Signum missiles to enable shuttles to at least damage/disable these stations.

Shield Haven (typical)

Built by Copalia these are used extensively by Pardaris and Copalia as havens for freighters from enemy attack.  Completely undefended but with a super strength shield they are virtually impenetrable by enemy ships and weapons (though they have been known to fail under severe attack).

Enemy Haven

These are built by Bengelis as a copy of the Copoalian model. Larger with a high tech ‘selective’ shield.  This shield will allow through any ship (including SpaceGuard ships) but will prevent all weapons from firing through.
Often used as construction sites for enemy ships and freighters.
To attack any ship inside you must fly inside, into the range of 4 or more Orbital Photon Repeatears (OPRs) – a very dangerous thing to do! (4 OPRs can be seen in this image).
If ordered to attack it is strongly recommended that a pilot should first read the section on battle tactics.

Relative Sizes