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Quick Start
Novice Pilot Advice

Get Started

1 Enter officer name

  • Select New Recruit or Edit existing officer.
  • Press Continue.

2 Choose ship and shuttle

  • Select your ship and your shuttle (swipe and tap)

3 Optional

  • Training Flight for basic training.
  • Fit Shuttle Emergency Boost for life-saver (see Stay Alive below).

4 Read mission orders

  • Read Mission Orders for instructions (these may be read at any time by pressing the pause button ||).  
  • Select Request general patrol duty if desired (but not recommended for novice pilots).

5 Depart on mission

  • Select Depart on mission when ready.

Stay Alive

Keep an eye on your warp gauge

  • Without warp/turbo you cannot escape. If low then turbo away immediately for a short distance and allow ship time to auto-repair/recharge (Turbo not warp since warp may not always engage if pointing at planet etc.).

Fit shuttle emergency reserve boost

  • Just a few good or lucky enemy shots, or a collision, can damage your shuttle’s warp/turbo and you cannot escape.
  • Reserve boost only lasts a few seconds but is often a life-saver.

Avoid collisions

  • Damage is random and can sometimes be serious - see above.


Line up crosshairs with target/planet/dock.  

Warp if distance is greater than 15000 (15000/sec).

Turbo if distance is within 15000 (300/sec).

If ship wanders off course then drop out of warp/turbo and re-align.


Enter dock

  • Approach directly into green marshal ring (from either side).

Shuttle deploy

  • Fly to a height of about 7000 above a planet and press Enter Orbit when button appears.
  • Press Deploy Shuttle when button appears.

Shuttle return to ship

  • Approach from below ship directly into green marshal ring (appears red when above ship).

Shuttle enter space station

  • Marshal ring appears at a distance of about 150.
  • Approach directly into green marshal ring (appears red from wrong side).


Tap on target to fire 

  • Note that weapons will not always lock on (especially with fast moving targets).

Hide the HUD if desired 

  • This gives clearer vision and prevents accidently clicking HUD buttons,
  • BUT see note on staying alive above!