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Facts & Stats

SpaceGuard Ships

Each of the ships is high tech, highly automated and computerised and requires a crew of only one. Therefore only the best pilots are chosen and competition is intense.

All ships have an auto-repair and weapons recharge system that activates when not under attack.  

All other systems are shut down when the shuttle is deployed and the ship left unmanned in orbit - making the ship nearly (but not completely) impossible to detect by enemy scanners. 


Latest technology.
Excellent manoeuvrability, decent speed.
Speed index - 322
Manoeuvrability index - 180
Four sub-light pulse drives.
Two double photon cannons.
Fire power index - 160.
Advanced plasma shield – strength 8.


Hi-tech, specially designed.
Very high speed and decent manoeuvrability.
Speed index - 460
Manoeuvrability index - 100
Ten pulse-light drives.
Two phaser lance tubes.
Fire power index - 160.
Advanced plasma shield – strength 8.

Astra Battle Trekker

Modified from original battle cruiser.
Massive weaponry, fast but low manoeuvrability.
Speed index - 414
Manoeuvrability index - 66.5
Two photon hyper-drives.
Four photon torpedo tubes.
Fire power index - 240.
Standard plasma shield – strength 5.

Note: The ships QuadCruiser, DeltaLancer and Astra Battle Trekker are generally designed as more powerful and higher tech than Dendax and Ventrogh ships but this comes at a price – they cannot safely travel in planet atmospheres.  For this you must use smaller, slower less powerful shuttles:

Astra Shuttle

Modified from original battle shuttle.
Well weaponed and fast but low manoeuvrability.
Speed index - 230
Manoeuvrability index - 70
Double photon thrusters.
Proton disrupter.
Fire power index - 40.
Plasma beta shield – strength 3.

Gamma Shuttle

Hi tech well shielded.
Medium speed with very high manoeuvrability.
Speed index - 207
Manoeuvrability index - 150
Sub-light drive.
Proton disrupter.
Fire power index - 40.
Advanced plasma shield – strength 5.

See the gallery for further photographs of SpaceGuard ships/shuttles.

Typical Enemy Ships


Colour schemes vary.
Generally slower than SpaceGuard ships and not as powerful or well shielded.
A single ship would present little danger but they tend to travel in packs of up to about 6.
The most common enemy and likely to attack freighters and space stations throughout the galaxy.
Newer models have a double photon canon with twice the fire power – beware.


Colour schemes vary.
Distinctive white engine trail is probably the first thing you will see at distance.
Very fast and manoeuvrable.
These ships are all engine and photon cannon. Dangerous but poorly shielded and relatively easy to destroy if hit. The trouble is that because of their small size and speed it is difficult for weapons to lock on. Hard to hit.
Newer models have a double photon canon with twice the fire power – beware.


The most dangerous of enemy ships but thankfully not often encountered.
Massive size and power. Fast but low manoeuvrability.
Has developed over the years into 3 different marks:
MkI the most common – 8 photon rapid fire cannons.
MkII shuriken mine launcher added to try to prevent attack from the rear.
MkIII instead of a mine launcher (which tended to cause self-damage) these are fitted with a Wasp missile launcher – extremely dangerous.
All marks require some skill to defeat – see the section on battle tactics.

Freighter Ships

Freighters (typical)

Nearly all freighters (whether enemy or not) are of a similar design to those shown.
An exceptionally successful model built by Pardaris and Copalia in collaboration.
They are fast and extremely well shielded and armoured, but have no weapons and rely on escort ships for defence.

Relative Sizes