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Facts & Stats

Missiles, OPR's

Ground to Air Missile
Used by enemy planets as an automated defence system triggered whenever a SpaceGuard ship is detected.
Long range and much larger than the Wasp missile.
Usually has a shuriken warhead (multiple short range guided warheads released on detonation) – very dangerous.

Wasp Missile 

Deployed on Krokalian Battle stations (and also on the later MkIII Krokalian Battle Cruisers).

Short range but powerful guided missile – very dangerous.

Signum Missile 

SpaceGuards answer to the Wasp missile (in fact the casing is made by the same company on Bengelis) with phase disruption warhead.  The guidance system is not as effective as the Wasp and only reliable low in the atmosphere and so is often fitted to SpaceGuard shuttles giving them tremendous destructive power.  

Has a range of about 400 so your shuttle computer will not lock onto targets outside this distance.  Effective against large targets such as space stations but because of the poor guidance system will often miss fast moving enemy ships.

Orbital Photon Repeater
These are the usual defence system to be found inside enemy havens.  Quadruple rapid fire semi-guided photon repeaters.
These are automated defence systems and must be priority to seek and destroy if entering an enemy haven (see section on battle tactics.).